China International Matchmaking presents New Meeting party

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
China International Matchmaking presents New Meeting party with some new look, ambitious, special Guests and Fresh Atmosphere.  

The meeting will be held in BEIJING!

Everyone will be informed about time and place!


Come and try luxury French wine, champagne in lovely atmosphere with interesting people.


It’s a perfect chance of making new friends, powerful business partners and interesting, attractive people from every corner of the world.


If you are single and hoping to find your true love so please WELCOME!!!


The Main requirements: 

1. Be fluent in English or Chinese

2. Your visa must be legal

3. Unmarried status


For more information about FUHAI CLUB, please see:

Official website:

Contact number: 18500614477          

WeChatID: vip_0043


If our event kindle your interest and you would like to attend it, please scan QR-code and please, send to us following information:

1. Your name

2.  Where do you come from?

3. Age

4. Kind of activity

5. What language do you speak

6. Personal photos

7. Phone number and email
Free entrance

Limited seating


Once you pass the registration successfully, 

you will be sent the invitation!
See you